Global International Roaming

Why roaming for business is such an important issue

Global Roaming Sim

When running a business that works with international clients, it’s important to choose the most convenient and economical option for unlimited international roaming.

Pond Mobile gets this, and we’ve made sure to provide entrepreneurs with the best international roaming plans and high-speed unlimited roaming data all over the world.

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Over 200+
Countries of Coverage

Wherever you’re out traveling, Pond Mobile has your back, providing coverage and 3G/LTE worldwide data roaming in over 200 countries—all included in a single payment plan.

coverage in 200+ countries

Cell Phone Plans For
International Calls

Pond Mobile has a number of international roaming plans for businesses that will perfectly fit and harmonize any of your needs.

cell phone plans for international calls

No “Excessive Roaming

Some of the biggest traditional cell phone carriers on the market have a policy of “excessive roaming,” which basically means that no more than 50% of your calls or data should be used in roaming; otherwise, the carrier will go forward to cancel your contract. Ouch!

no excessive roaming
Pond Mobile believes in providing nothing but the best business roaming unlimited service possible to our entrepreneur clients. That means unlimited calls, messages, and mobile data in roaming with no extra charges or sneaky fine-print rules.