Learn about Pond Mobile, our business department, and why we’re better than traditional carriers.

Highly Customizable Mobile Plans

Make sure you’re getting the best deal possible by picking specific features you need and only paying for what you actually going to use most.

Advanced Missed Call Indicator

Even if your phone had been off, you’re still going to stay on top of all the news – we’ll text you a list of all the numbers and people you’ve received calls from.

24/7 Customer Support

We offer high-quality, always accessible customer support service, ensuring that any issues you might encounter are going to be solved quickly, and in a convenient way for you.

Single-payment Plans

There won’t be any hidden fees or additional payments to top off your data – you only pay once, and that includes everything you need for the month.

Local Numbers

When you call to any country in the world, they’ll see a local number on display – that way, if your clients are going to call you back for whatever reason, they will not be overcharged for calling abroad, which is ultimately going to keep them as satisfied with your customer service as possible.

Reliable Data in Over 200 Countries

Most traditional carriers only offer stable 2G cell phone data while in roaming, while Pond Mobile is able to provide LTE and 3G with no added charge so that you’ll always have access to high-speed Internet connection.

Secure Calls

We’re using advanced safety protocols to make sure that your communications stay private and protected.